YZ25C Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope(Rechargable)
Advanced optical design avoids the glistening and provides the broad filed.
LED bulb(low-temperature,low-pressure,high-brightness) with long lifetime to make the illumination uniformly and bright. The illumination brightness can be adjusted continuously.
Imaging clearly,strong dimensional sense and large field of view range.The main body part of this device adopts engineering plastics and is designed to be compact and exquisite.
Super lightweight design, reduce fatigue,operation is very convenient.
The portable power supply is suitable for surgery, ward round and consultation.
This device is equipped with color filter,teaching mirror and sclera depressor to be more handy in operation.

Pupilary Adjustment 52mm74mm adjustable
Intensity of Illumination continuous adjustment with the maximum intensity no less than 500Lx 
Headband 520~640mm in circumference, 85~125mm in depth
Light Spots  Big spot, middle spot  and small spot
Filters Red-free, white and cobalt blue
Light Source  LED light
Source of Power  Li+ battery, DC 7.4V
AC 100240V, 50/60Hz
Input Power Battery charger: 15 VA
AC charger: 50VA
Dimension of Main Part 142mm × 48mm × 128mm(long×breadth×high)
Weight of Main Part  230g