One Piece PMMA Intraocular Lens
PMMA is made of high quality material imported from US (anti-UV, and certificated by FDA). The product has CE mark.


Imported material will provide stable biologic compatibility, and has lower postoperative inflammatory response and no rejection phenomenon after implanation.

Advanced design of optical part will guarantee the optical effects.

One-piece designed will make IOL better centered in the posterior capsule bag, and reduce PCO.

Machine processing will provide a good optical performance with avoiding the affectiveness of the mould.

Tensile strength of loop is larger than 0.75N, which is far superior to international standard.

The loop can be beard the testing, which is dynamic fatigue resistance testing, for more than 290000 period


Model Type of Loop Optical Diameter Length of Loop Angle A/C Depth Optical Shape Characteristic Range of Diopter
OV-50A Improved C Type 5.0 12.5 118.2/5.1 Biconvex
6.5D~30D, 0.5D increment
OV-55C Improved C Type 5.5 12.5 118.6/5.3 Biconvex

-10D~0,1D increment

0~30D,0.5D increment

OV-55CP Improved C Type 5.5 12.5 118.6/5.3
Effectively reduce PCO
6.5D~30D, 0.5D increment
OV-55E Improved C Type 5.5 12.7 118.2/5.1

6.5D~30D, 0.5D increment
OV-60A Improved C Type 6.0 13.0 118.0/4.9

6.5D~30D, 0.5D increment
OV-135A Improved C Type 6.5 13.5 10° 118.2/5.1

6.5D~30D, 0.5D increment
OV-135AP Improved C Type 6.5 13.5 10° 118.2/5.1
Effectively reduce PCO 6.5D~30D, 0.5D increment
OV-65A Improved C Type 6.5 12.5 118.7/5.4

6.5D~30D, 0.5D increment