YZ20T9 Operation Microscope
The product is a double binocular operation microscope designed for two men.It has excellent optical performance and it is comfortable to be used.


Advanced apochromatic technology and unique optical balanced technology effectively improves the binocular visual fusions, strengthenes in third dimension and reduces surgeon’s tireness during operations.

Fine focusing knob is under the bottom of assistant binocular. The observation of the assistant’s microscope can be finely focused independently of the main microscope to avoid different observation from surgeons.

20° oblique illumination can also be used as slit illumination. Slit width is continuously adjustable.


Eyepiece Magnification

12.5×, 18×

Diopter Adjustment


Magnification for Main Microscope

4×, 6×, 10×, 16×, 25×

Magnification for Assistant Microscope

6×, 10×, 14×

Focal Length of Objective Lens

f=200 mm

Diameter of View Field

58 mm, 38 mm, 23 mm, 14 mm, 9mm

Pupilary Adjustment

50 mm ~ 75 mm 

Maximum Resolution

119 LP/mm

Working Distance

190 mm

Focusing Range for Assistant Microscope

30 mm

Light Source

12V/10W, medical cold reflection halogen lamp 

Illumination Type

 6°+0° coaxial illumination, 20° oblique illumination(can be used as silt illumination with slit width adjustable) 

Coaxial Illuminance

≥50,000 Lx

Oblique Illuminance

≥45,000 Lx

Reaching Radius of Arm

1240 mm

Adjustable Vertical Range

850 mm~1350 mm

Fine Focusing Speed and Range

≤2 mm/s,50 mm

Speed for X/Y and Range

≤2 mm/s,50 mm×50 mm

Input Voltage

AC 220V/110V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz

Power Consumption

3300 VA


AC 250V   T4.0A, AC 125V  T8.0A

Electrical Safety Standard

IEC 60601-1, Class I

Packing Volume 

0.786 m3,5 cartons  

Total Weight 

213 kg