YZ5G Slit Lamp Microscope
The product with complete function and advanced design is well received in domestic and abroad market.


Professional digital camera is more sensitive to the changes of patient’s eyes, even the smallest changes.

Aperture diameter is 14 mm to provide wide range of field of view.

Schott optic lenses from Germany are used to reduce optical distortion and increase clarity and depth of focus.

Optical effect is maintained by multi-layer coating treatment of moisture-proof, mildew-proof and anti-reflected on lenses.

Osram bulb is used to provide the low heat, high brightness and uniform illumination.

5-step drum magnification for eyepiece. Sclera vein could be observed under the 40x magnification.

Visual assembly technology is used to ensure excellent optical performances and long service time.

UV protection filter is used in the illumination design to ensure patient’s safety during examination.

All interfaces can connect with accessories comply with international standards.



Microscope Type

Galilean stereoscopic microscope

Magnification Change

Five-step revolving drum




(Field of View)

6x(φ33 mm), 10x( φ22.5 mm ), 16x( φ14 mm ),25x( φ8.8 mm ), 40x( φ5.5 mm )

Pupilary Adjustment

55 mm~75 mm

Diopter Adjustment


 Slit Illumination

Slit Width

continuously variable from 0 ~14 mm adjustable(at 14 mm, slit becomes a circle )

Slit Height

continuously variable from 1 mm~14 mm 

Slit Angle

0°~180° ( continuously adjustable both vertical and horizontal)

Slit Inclination

5°,  10°, 15°,  20°

Aperture Diameter

φ14mm, φ10mm, φ5mm, φ2mm, φ1mm, φ0.2mm


Thermal safety, grey, red-free, cobalt blue


Input Voltage

AC 220V /110V ±10%

Electrical Safety Standard

IEC 60601-1, Class I, Type B

Dimension & Weight

Packing Volume

720 mm x 495 mm x 480 mm

Total Weight

24 Kg

Optional Accessories

Applanation tonometer, measuring eyepiece, trihedron lens, gonioscope, funduscope, aspheric lens, teaching tube